Looking for great programme ideas to try with your section

Below are a small selection if you are aware of others please let us know.

Looking for a programme planning tool Check the new one from HQ.

Scout Associations Ideas Page
945 ideas and counting. Work out your activity by timeframe / group size / cost / Section - Great new tool from the HQ team

Badge Support blogs
These badge support blogs provide activity ideas and tips for a range of Activity Badges; Staged Activity Badges and Challenge Awards.

Easier Scouting
What would it be like to have meeting after meeting all laid out so you didn't need to lift a finger? (membership required).

I Thought Scout Uniform Were Fireproof!
A book of ideas - Finally! A perfect resource for any leader who's ever had trouble creating scouting programs and activities compelling enough to compete with school, sports, jobs, and the thousands of other activities in your scout's life.

Scouting Skills and activities
Maps, compass, cooking, knots games and lots more activities

Scouting Skills
Scout Adventures - downloadable ideas covering various topics some of the mini ideas like the bow and canoe are worth a try.

1000 Fantastic Scout Games!
Its always good to have a book of game to hand when you decide it's time to try a new one. Over a 1,000 new game ideas in this one

Activity Village
Thousands of colouring pages, kids crafts, educational resources, puzzles, printables of all sorts, worksheets, sudoku for kids and lots more fun activities for kids!

Online Scout Manager (OSM)
Do not forget to check out all the ideas on OSM and link them to your programme

Mossy Resources
Mossy Resources are a collection of useful images, certificates and resources mainly aimed at Beavers but something for all sections