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Adult Volenteers: The First 5 Months

This guide provides an overview and links for roles that are involved in managing the first 5 months of a new adult volunteer

Responsible person/body:
[1] Line Manager [4] Local Training Manager
[2] Approval body [5] Training Advisor
[3] Appointment Secretary



Discuss and agree a role description [1]

Submit application and advise of timescale to approval [1]



Line Manager needs to approve any application to Volunteer to begin the Appointments Process [1]

Provide a Yellow Card [1]



Discuss Scouting background, plus general skills and specialist knowledge [1]


Pre-provisional Appointment

Application added to compass [1]

Discuss and agree an induction plan [1]

Wait unit vetting and approval are complete before understaking role [1]

Provisional Appointment

Recieve provisional appointment and email and Welcome pack
[1] [2]

Can undertake role under the supervision of another adult [1]


Vetting & Approval

Confidential Enquiry (CE) and Discloser Check (DBS) [3]

2 x references [3]

(if required)

District panel approval

(if required) [3]

Commissioner, council or exectutive committee approval [2]

Ongoing Responsibility

Know the do'/don'ts and reporting process through the Yellow Card [1]


Safeguarding awareness training [1]

Safety training [1]


Getting Started Training

Training Adviser (TA) assigned and issued with Adults Personal File (APF) [4]

Adults Personal Plan (PLP) agreed with TA [5]

Module 1: "Essential Information" training and 'Trustee Training' for Executive Committee Members [5]

Module 3 (Section Leaders) [5]

Module 4 (Managers and Supports): "Tools for the Role"

Complete GDPR Training [1]

Full Appointment

Recieve certificate of appointment and makes the Scout Promise [1]

Complete induction plan [1]

Can now undertake role without supervision of another adult withing adult raios [1]

Futher Training

Start the remaining PLP training for the Wood Badge (WB) [5]

Consider optional training/assesements for Nights Away Permist (NAP) and Activitiy Permits (AP) [1]

Consider Ongoing Learning opportunities such as skills courses and summits [1]

Note: Adult volunteers may only have unsupervised access to young people when their CE & DBS checks are complete.