Programme Ideas

Shared Programme Ideas from around the Distirct

Zoom Programme Ideas

Youth Shaped Scouting isn’t all about making sure that Young People are involved in shaping their programme. Young People should also be involved in decision making at all levels of Scouting.

Youth Shaped Budget (All)

Allocate a small amount of your budget for the young people to decide how to spend.

My Hut (B, C, Virtual)

Plan what your dream Scout Hut would look like – incorporate anything practical.

Parachute Choices (B)

Call out ideas & swap places if you like the idea.

Programme Ideas in your Games (All)

Full section brainstorming through games like Dodgeball, Musical Chairs or Cornerball. Suggest an idea when you are left with ball.

Culture Evening

Bring an object / photograph to talk about a family member or family traditions.

This can be youth led, but is more about turning the attention to the diversity of the group.

Take Me Scout (B, C, S)

Planning evening where each Scout maps out a camp/evening.

They should incorporate 1 thing each of their friends likes ‘speed dating’ for 1 minute

Top Trumps / Pokemon Style Cards

Activity planning cards designed by youth people using metrics like ‘Enjoyment’, ‘Energy’, ‘Cost’, ‘Equipment’

Store the cards & use to pick a game if you have a spare 20 minutes.

Dragon’s Den (All, Virtual)

Pitch your idea for the Christmas Party/ Next Camp

Want more ideas?

Google ‘Youth Shaped Scouting’ and you will find lots of resources from the Scouts website & local scout groups.

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